Maria Fernanda Cereceda is a figurative painter born in Ecuador.

At an early age she  had shown skills for drawing, painting and portraits,  connected with nature and the countryside through her family inheritance,  she learned to observe and translate it into her paintings with great realism and sensitivity.

To strengthen her knowledge of art,  she studied art history,  drawing,  painting and art restoration in her native Ecuador,  Italy and the United States with the help of renowned artists and teachers like Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso, Nelson Shanks and Steven Assael in New York.

Her art is the result of internal processes that somehow are interconnected with the collective unconscious and the unlimited,  reflected through a figurative pictorial language,  with touches of magical realism,  vital and suggestive colors  that lead us to glimpse universes linked with the tangible and the intangible.  Nature,  coffee fruit,  and parallel realities, female archetipes  and female empowering are sources for her inspiration.

2003 she was invited  at  DUMBO Arts Festival in New York,  where she presented her collection titled  “The Keystone”,  in  2005  she held the exhibition titled  “Feminae”  in  French Alliance,  Guayaquil-Ecuador,  which dealt with archetypal images related with mythology.

2009 she visited coffee farms in Panama and Ecuador and that was how the inspiration came to create a new series of paintings exhibited in 2011 at Museo Nahim Isaias in Ecuador,  the collection was  titled  “Return to the Origin”,  as its main theme was the coffee and their connection with nature and mankind.

2012 she was interviewed about her art  at  NotiMujer Show in CNN network,  Miami.

2015 she presented one of her paintings “Purity” as a gift  to His Holiness Pope Francis,  in the framework of his visit to the Jesuit community in Guayaquil- Ecuador.

Her works are in private collections in the United States,  Canada,  Belgium,  Panama,  Italy and Ecuador.